Formerly known as XCoin and Darkcoin, Dash is the highest priced cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. In August 2017, the price of Dash passed $300 for the first time and the market cap is well over 2 billion dollars. Dash is a secure, open source known for instant and private transactions, making it very user-friendly. Dash funds its own growth and adoption, making it the first self governing, self funding protocol.


Monero (XMR), created in April 2014, is a cryptocurrency known primarily for its’ high privacy, protecting each holder’s accounts and transactions. In addition, with a technology called “ring signatures”, the identity of both the sender and the receiver, and the value of any Monero transaction are obfuscated, making each transaction untraceable. Monero’s price has shown significant volatility, with a climb of nearly 200% during August 2017, creating great opportunities for traders.


Zcash (ZEC) is another cryptocurrency focused on privacy. However, while Monero hides the information of any transaction made, Zcash offers an option of “selective disclosure” to its’ users, allowing them to disclose any data required for audit and tax purposes. The price of Zcash has been relatively steady since its’ release in 2016, ranging mainly between $200-$300 since May 2017.
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left banks in Houston (TX) inoperative, revealing the harsh limitations of mainstream financial services. While limited banking services left rescue and recovery missions with no resources, it was blockchain technology, unaffected by the events, that enabled a transaction.
With corruption and mistrust in the government and economy, South Africans are looking to Bitcoin in search of a promising investment. In August 2017 South Africa became the number-one country for Bitcoin Google searches.
An elite group of Bitcoin traders is opening its’ doors to the public, allowing young traders to apply and join the private CryptoDukes club. Charlotte Hagen met the founder, Jaden Monahan for an exclusive interview.
Ethereum remains Bitcoins’ greatest alternative for traders and investors. With the second highest market cap, Ethereum’s high volatility has been drawing more and more attention and media coverage.